Create unforgettable
customer experiences.

Create unforgettable
customer experiences.

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With MXtoChina you can easily and clearly organize your e-mail delivery. We connect direct via SMTP Relay of via the Relay API. Also, we share near Real time data. So you have insight and clarity. And then you let go of our powerful features with the flexible steps. This allows you to adjust your messages exactly the way you want.

Our scalable solutions help businesses eliminate the continuous need to invest time and resources required to find and maintain the latest Chinese communication channels for your organization.

Our expertise

Mail Exchange
to China

We delivery your email via our secure SMTP relay to China.

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Support & Reporting

We delivery 24/7 support and reporting about email succes in China.

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SMS delivery in China

Keep customers engaged and informed with SMS. Reach your target audience in China and increase conversion and service

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The problem

Nowadays email marketeers in China face various challenges. For example difficulty in acquiring quality databases, low email open and delivery rates, and handling spam complaints among others.

We help marketeers who have issues with deliverability. Also look for a reliable local email service provider (ESP) who possesses good and trusting relationships with the ISPs in China (e.g. 163, QQ, Sina). Because Webpower has already passed a series of evaluation from ISPs we can help you increase your inbox rate at a faster pace

Reliable service

The SMTP service from MX2CN is a reliable and powerful. Easy-to-use service that maximizes the deliverability of all your marketing and transactional emails.

MX2CN is fully focused on China. We have local servers and deliverability and service teams in China.

All your data is securely stored in our two redundant data centers. We manage our own infrastructure in China. Therefor your data is safe.

China connection issues

Usually, getting data into China using HTTP or SSH is very slow.

Sometimes you can get notifications of ‘bad’ accessibility to the mx2cn platform in China while sending out mails via the SMTP Relay. To avoid this please set a limit on the used bandwidth. Max concurrent connection (max-smtp-out) settings to 4.

High up and response times

To ensure that your emails arrive in the inbox quickly, we do our best to keep our uptime as high as possible and response times as fast as possible. In addition, we have this continuously monitored.

Talk directly to the experts

Your answer comes directly from our permanent team of specialists. They support the processes and the deliverability and therefore really know everything about it. We quickly help new customers with our documentation. Can’t figure it out? Our ticket system is ready for you. Real answers, no hassle with chatbots. And are you a SLA3 customer? Then you can of course also just call.

The process

Third party integrations

We are integrated with many global ESP’s